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Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Residential and Commercial

Side by side vinyl

House Washing

All of our house washing uses a soft wash metering system to gently remove mold, algae, dirt and grime. Vinyl, aluminum, cedar, or even painted cement board (Hardie board), we can safely clean it all. Having your house washed each year will add instant curb appeal and have your property be the envy of your neighborhood. All of our house washings include your siding, trim, soffits, facia and faces (outsides) of the gutters.

Don't be fooled by the fly by night contractors who use a pressure washer from the big box stores to get close up to your house and blast the surfaces with water from a ladder!

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Remove the moss build up, pine needles and black lines from your shingles gently with our soft wash system. Low pressure is the key, your shingles won't be damaged from high pressure water blasts. Extend the life of your shingles by removing the algae and organic growth. Did you know that insurance companies require moss and algae to be removed from shingles to continue coverage? Don't pay more for your home insurance with a dirty roof. Our roof washing lasts for several years and will prevent future growth on your shingles. Regular gutter cleaning prevents back ups that can damage your foundation. We recommend 2 gutter cleanings a year to stay ahead of the build up. Even with gutter guards and screens, your home may be at risk of a back up particularly if your property has pine trees! 

Foaming some shingles
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Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Residential and Commercial

Side by Side

Concrete Surface Cleaning

High pressure surface cleaning removes organic growth along with dirt and grease build up without damaging concrete, slate or pavers. Cleaning your pool concrete or patio will extend the life of the surface and prevent algae growth near your pool. Planning on sealing your pavers soon? Have the surface cleaned of moss and grime before applying your sealer for a professional finish. 

Wood and Trex Decking

Remove the build up of organic growth without damaging your deck. Instant results will allow you to enjoy your backyard space again. Algae and other build up will destroy your deck and is also a slip hazard. Don't be fooled by the "set it and forget it" stuff from the big box stores. We only use sodium metasilicate and acid treatments that won't hurt your decks surfaces.

Pressure treated deck restoration

Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Residential and Commercial


Commercial Building Cleaning

Large apartment complexes, gas stations, store fronts or entire industrial warehouses. We have the equipment to reach the heights and the experience to tackle any exterior surface. Give us a call today to set up recurring property maintenance on a seasonal basis.

Fleet Washing

If its a full fleet of trucks and trailers or a single piece of heavy construction equipment, we can clean it all. Pressure washing and degreasing to remove road debris and salt will extend the life of your assets. We bring the washing equipment to your facility and leave behind a shine!

Fleet washed
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Isn't power washing bad for my home?

Not when its done correctly! We generally use a soft washing on almost all residential homes. This is the preferred method that uses much lower pressure and keeps damaging water away from sensitive areas of your home.

How much does house washing cost?

We determine cost by the homes square footage, number of stories, and siding material. Our repeat customers enjoy a discount for yearly service and enjoy a constant clean exterior!

Will my plants or garden be damaged?

No! While some other companies use a batch mixing method of spraying high pressure and unknown quantities of chemicals at your home, we use a much more professional approach. Our soft wash system meters our cleaning agents down to 1/10th of a percent via electronic valves to apply only what is needed. Your vegetation is safe in our hands

When is the best time to have my exterior cleaning done?

Anytime is the right time. Some home owners prefer to have their house washing done first thing in the spring when the snow is gone, others wait until mid summer or fall.
Roof soft washing can be done at anytime from spring to fall but we do need dry weather to apply the roof washing mix. If it rains on your roof washing day we will reschedule that service. 
Gutter cleaning should be done in the spring and fall to make sure all leaves and debris are not causing water back ups on your foundation.

What does a standard "House Wash" include?

Our house washing service includes cleaning your siding, facia, trim, soffits, faces(outsides) of the gutters, doors and front porch are all included in the price.

Do I have to be home during the process and what forms of payment do you accept?

No! We do not require anyone home during your service. We perform all our work outside and only require your windows and doors to be closed while we wash your home. We accept Cash, Check, Venmo and Credit Cards.

What are your service areas?

We provide service to Saratoga, Warren, Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, and Washington Counties.

Do you offer commercial exterior cleaning?

Yes. We work with owners and property managers to clean apartment buildings, store fronts, gas stations, restaurants and industrial buildings.

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